okayNav jQuery Plugin – Collapse navigation links into an off-screen

There are many important elements to be considered when creating a website and easy or effective navigation is one of the most important qualities of a great website.You know how navigations have only a desktop and a mobile state.

This navigation aims at progressively collapsing navigation links into an off-screen navigation instead of doing it for all the links at the same time.

okayNav depends on jQuery. Tested with jQuery 1.10+ but should work… Read more »

Fresh Free Font Of The Day : Tulia

Here on Designbeep,we also aim to help designers to find free yet high quality resources whether for your web design projects or graphic design projects.Who doesn’t like freebies?
Well,although we bring together free font collections time to time we decided to share a free font everyday and today’s free font Tulia is designed by Rebekka Marleaux.

This is a slab serif font and comes with 3 styles – regular, bold, italic.

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Lupo – Minimal Portfolio WordPress Theme

Lupo is an easy-to-use portfolio WordPress theme for freelancers and agencies. Graphic designers, illustrators, photographers or any type of creative is now easily able to create a quick & easy portfolio to showcase their work with a unique and creative touch.

This theme is responsive and comes with multiple portfolio options.It has visual composer that you can easily design your theme.CSS3 animations are great for this theme and you import with one-click demo install options.

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Desktop Wallpaper Calendars: March 2016


Inspiration lies everywhere: in a conversation, a walk through a foreign city, or, in other people’s works. To fuel your ideas, we celebrate the beginning of each month with what we found to be the best source for daily inspiration: desktop wallpapers that are a bit more distinctive than the usual crowd. This creativity mission has been going on for almost eight years now, and we are… Read more »

Styleguide Toolbox – Templates, UI Kits, Tools & Generators

Styleguides are an essential tool for ensuring that everyone in an organization is on the same page. After all, maintaining a consistent style is vital to brand recognition, readability and it just looks more professional.

The great thing about these Styleguide resources is that there is undoubtedly one that will let you work the way you want to. Whether it’s allowing you to manually mock-up styles with your favorite image… Read more »

McDonald’s trollea a Burger King con esta valla publicitaria

Estamos más acostumbrados a ver a Burger King arremeter contra McDonald’s, pero en esta ocasión es la marca del payaso la que se ha propuesto trollear a su principal competidor con esta valla publicitaria. Obra de TBWA Paris, la valla en cuestión se ha instalado en una carretera de Francia para hacer hincapié en la idea de que hay muchos más McDonald’s con autoservicio (más de mil) que los que tiene Burger King (17 en… Read more »

La honesta autenticidad de Wafaa Samir

“Mi trabajo es un reflejo de lo que soy y de mi estado de ánimo. Es una manera de describir mis pensamientos y sentimientos sin palabras. Elegí hacer autorretratos porque creo es una forma de ser más sincero y honesto con uno mismo, y eso es lo que estoy buscando en la sinceridad y la autenticidad del arte “

Wafaa Samir es una fotógrafa y artista residente en El Cairo, Egipto. Su pasión por la fotografía comenzó en… Read more »

Un kit de supervivencia para cuando te quedas sin wifi

Sobrevivir sin wifi en casa puede ser una tarea un poco complicada para mucha gente. Por eso, la diseñadora húngara Nora Kaszanyi ha creado este kit de supervivencia para que si te quedas sin wifi, no acabes con un ataque de ansiedad o tirándote por la ventana.

El “No Wifi- Survival Kit” contiene todo lo necesario para sobrevivir a un día sin wifi, como un libro para entretenerte leyendo, una bolsa de té… Read more »