The Worst Mistake in Business is Creating Your Own Logo

One of the biggest mistakes you could make in business would be to create your own logo. In many cases a business owners become too emotionally attached to their design and may not see aspects of it that may need changed.

Having a professional pair of eyes look at your logo design may make you realise where you are going right and wrong. There are things you should take into consideration when working with a professional logo designer, and no matter what anyone says, when it comes to logo design, first impressions are everything. Have a think about what your current logo would look like to a potential customer:

  • Will they understand it?
  • How would they describe it?
  • Will they remember it?

Is My Logo Design Appropriate?

There is no standard guide to logo design, again this is different for every business. Toys R Us are a great example of how a business has used their logo to express their personality. It fits its purpose – their logo design uses bright colours which evokes playfulness.

toys r us logo

Although Toys R Us has a fun logo, they do not use any imagery of toys or kids – yet it is still effective. Your business logo doesn’t need to show what your business sells or offers as a service, this is backed up by statistics as out of the top 50 brands of the world – 94% of the logos do not describe what the company does.

Would their logo be as effective if it was simple black text? No, black and white are great for some companies, but these make the user think of power and formality. You may love the colour black, but if your target market is different from your own demographic you may be side-tracked by your own taste.

Colour and Brand Recognition

Professional Logo Designer, Repeat Logo have announced that “colour increases brand recognition by up to 80%?” Therefore, it is true that when it comes to identifying your brand, your logo is probably the first thing your customers will think of. Coca Cola and Virgin are brands that have great marketing and have mastered the art of colour. Both brands use red to represent their brands passion and drive.

colors design logo

Virgin do not stop at just their logo, they expand their logo into marketing and use the colour red in every aspect of the brand. Virgin staff wear a red outfit to match their red trains which diversifies the brand from any other. It is said that Richard Branson chose the colour red to capture Virgin’s passionate business ethic.

virgin logo

McDonalds use this trick too! Many people signify yellow as a happy colour as it bright and often the colour of smiley faces or as we now know them, emoji! As yellow has connotations of happiness their logo suggests that by buying a product from their brand you will experience happiness by joining in, and we are sure that lots of people are after leaving the fast-food joint!

virgin logo

Will My Logo Still Be Relevant in 10 Years’ Time?

For your logo to be effective logo, it should have an air of timelessness. This is where the last aspect discussed comes into play – what if your stock or business plan changes, will your logo still make sense?

Your logo does not have to be trendy – trendy never lasts. You may think that your logo idea is hip at the time but it may not be in years to come. Be original and try not to copy other brands ideas, and remember it doesn’t have to be a modern style.

One of the best examples of a traditional logo design is theCoca-Cola logo. As one of the most successful brands in the world, their logo has evolved with their journey and it hasn’t changed since it was created in 1885.

coca-cola logo

Keep It Simple

Why is Coca-Cola’s logo so successful – because it is simple! As the old saying goes, it does what it says on the tin, Coca-Cola are known for their red, traditional logo and over the years fans have grew to love and associate it with the brand.

Around 93% of all logo designs are a fairly simple style, which isn’t a coincidence. By starting simple, your logo is more versatile and you will be able to use it on social media as well as on your website and promotional materials.

While less simple logos may have their place, most brands will benefit from having a relatively simple logo.

Why Can’t I Design My Own Logo?

Having the creative idea behind your logo is a great start, but ensure you receive some assistance from a professional who can visualize your design for business use. The professional outlook of logo design is more systematic than an amateurs approach, the design process involves:

  • Research
  • Sketching
  • Conceptualising
  • Testing
  • Final Design

How Much Will My Logo Cost?

Unfortunately, there is no right question to the answers. Depending on what your business needs the logo design price can vary greatly. When discussing what you want your logo to look like, make sure you are giving the designer a detailed brief of what your business needs and hopes to achieve. Getting your logo design right is critical to the marketing and promotion for your business.

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